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MBA Dissertation Proposal Sample

Taking a quick look at a sample MBA dissertation proposal can be pretty helpful, so we have enclosed an MBA dissertation proposal sample introduction. This is then followed by a couple of sample MBA dissertation paragraphs. Studying MBA dissertation example text is a good way to prepare.

MBA Dissertation Proposal Sample Thesis

It has been argued that the terminology of formal logic no longer has any place outside of the classroom. Even if this were true, there is no reason that future business leaders should not be prepared by studying classical examples of critical thinking. Modern decision-making is based on a variety of traditions. Studying classical logic is an important and integral aspect of modern business education.

MBA Dissertation Proposal Sample Body

Post-modern ideologies have become a major focus at the university level. Schools have often eliminated formalism and structuralism from philosophy classes. Other colleges have downplayed philosophical studies altogether under the assumption that these courses are no longer relevant. Few business leaders will ever be asked to comment on Aristotle or Confucius in day-to-day corporate operations. Shareholders are usually not interested in reading any of the poems of Virgil.

However, each of these classical authors put forward a major idea that shaped critical thinking abilities for countless generations. Critical thinking skills of are vital importance to every individual who ever worked in the field of business. Understanding the forces that shaped these skills over a period of centuries helps to strengthen them. By sharpening one’s critical thinking skills with a well rounded background in the humanities, powerbrokers are better prepared to deal with the challenges presented to them by both the business world and their everyday lives.

MBA Dissertation Proposal Examples

MBA Dissertation Proposal Sample

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